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Stage:Project Start Up Stage
Assignment: Get Acquainted

Visit any design company’s website and you will likely find an “about us” section that introduces you to the company’s key leaders and lets you know what’s special about the company.  In this spirit, your first official task is to introduce your team to the DT Philly community.  Then get to know DT Philly by completing our scavenger hunt. 

1. Choose a team name, write a short introduction to your team, and upload a team photo—maybe a silly selfie—or an image for a team logo.   

2. Have everyone sign into their account and select or upload a photo or avatar for their personal profile.  Use the “edit my profile” option under the “My Account” menu to do this.

3. Earn five bonus points if you include a fun video introduction of your team!

4. As a team, complete the DT Philly scavenger hunt (you can find this in the template section of your handbook or online), and submit your answers.