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Stage:Empathize Stage
Assignment: Road Trip

It’s time to hit the road and get a fresh perspective!  When you’re trying to solve a problem, it can be tempting to jump to the first answer you think of without stopping to see the problem from your users’ points of view.  When you do this, you risk missing out on important information.  

Designers use a tool called a journey map to make sure they understand a problem from a user’s perspective.  They zero in on what the user wants or needs to do, they map out the steps the user takes to get to his goal, and they pay close attention to the good and bad moments the user has along the way.  

To try out this design tool, find the cards in your activity kit and take a journey with Bob as he tries to get to his kitchen table quickly with a delicious plate of golden brown, piping hot, buttered toast.  Then use the extra sets of materials to create journey maps for one or more users you want to help through your DT Philly project. 

Understanding a user’s journey helps designers identify opportunities to make things easier or better.  This kind of insight can change your thinking about how to approach your problem!  Upload your journey maps for Bob and for at least one user for your own project.