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Stage:Ideate Stage
Assignment: Genius at Work

Share the idea quota you set for yourselves and upload the results of your brainstorming session.  If you’re submitting pictures of your Post-it Notes, check to make sure they are clear and readable.  If we can’t see what you’re submitting because the photos are fuzzy or the handwriting is unclear, you won’t get full credit for your deliverable!  See Section 4.2 of your playbook, "Brainstorming for Innovation," for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: With Veterans Day, report card conferences, and Thanksgiving coming up, the school calendar is a bit challenging  over the next few weeks.  We’ve built some flexibility into the schedule, but be sure to keep doing DT Philly work each week and make wise choices about how to use your time so you don't fall behind. 

You have two things due in the next three weeks—one of which requires you to schedule Compete 360 staff to visit you before the Thanksgiving holiday.  To stay on track with your project, remember to: 

• do some project work each week
• turn in your Design Concept Sketches (more on that in the next section) by Friday, November 22
• complete your prototyping skills workshop with Compete 360 staff and submit your reflections on that activity before you leave for Thanksgiving break on Wednesday, November 27