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Stage:Project Start Up Stage
Assignment: Getting to Know You

Before you begin your design journey, take a moment to introduce your team to the DT Philly community.  Then get to know DT Philly a little bit better by completing our scavenger hunt.

1. Choose a team name and upload a team photo—maybe a silly selfie—or an image for a team logo.  You can also submit a video if you like.

2. Write a sentence or two introducing your team or fill in and upload the “MadLib” style introduction template provided in the back of your handbook.  

3. Optional:  Have each team member log in and choose a new avatar or upload a picture to personalize their account.  Use the “Edit My Profile” option under the “My Account” menu to do this.

4. As a team, complete the DT Philly Scavenger Hunt and submit your answers.