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Stage:Project Start Up Stage
Assignment: Let's Start Talking About Design

As you saw in the Wonderful World of Design video (or if you didn’t see it, watch it now), design is like air—it’s everywhere!  Find the cards in your activity kit and use them to tell us about something you think is well designed.  What is great about the item you chose?  What do you think the designer’s goal was in creating this?  Now that you’re looking at things with a designer’s eye, turn your attention to some things that don’t work well or frustrate you.  Are there things you do or use, places you go, and experiences you have that are aggravating?  Could one of these become the topic of your DT Philly project.  As a team, try to identify five or more problems, including some things you see in your classroom or school, and some things you see at home or in your neighborhood.  Then upload your good design cards and your list of frustrations.  If you’ve decided which problem you want to work on for your project, circle it or put a start next to it to let us know.  See Section 1.2 of your playbook, "Design is Everywhere," for more information.