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Stage:Empathize Stage
Assignment: Wonder Wall

Use the project goals you came up with after making your rich picture to write a “How might we” question describing your design challenge.  This question will guide your design work throughout your project.  When you have this just the way you want it, write it across the top of a piece of chart paper from the large easel pad that came with your activity kit.  Then come up with a list of the top ten - or more - questions you need to answer to better understand your problem and your users (the people who experience your problem).  To create your wonder wall, write your research questions on sticky notes and put them up on the chart paper where you wrote your "how might we" question.   To track your research progress, check off or remove the questions as you get answers to them.  Upload your "how might we" question and your wonder wall questions.  See Section 2.2 of your playbook, "Setting a Course for Discovery," for more information.