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Stage:Define Stage
Assignment: Tell Me More

It’s time to dig deep and have some fun as you get ready for research!  Asking good questions is an art, so let’s elevate your interviewing skills before you head off to do your field research.  Is your teacher always asking you questions?  Well, now it’s your turn to ask the questions. 

Find the bag in your activity kit and discuss the tips from the Good Interview Guide.  Then divide the question starter cards in the bag between your team members.  Start by asking your teacher this question:  “How did you spend your summers when you were our age?”  Let your teacher tell you without interrupting or asking questions.  After your teacher stops talking, write a question on each of your cards that begins with the starter word on that card. 

When everyone has their questions ready, go back to your teacher and take turns asking your questions.  If you can, try to think of follow-up questions to ask after your first round of Q&A with the teacher.  This is what first-rate interviewers do!  Keep going until you run out of questions or your teacher runs out of time.  Then ask your teacher for some feedback on your interviewing skills. 

Upload your question cards and share something interesting you learned about your teacher to earn your Definer card, and keep asking questions everywhere you go!