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Assignment: Look Closely

Good designers are like detectives—they pay close attention to the world around them, gathering information everywhere they go.  Are you an eagle-eyed super noticer?  Let’s find out!  Find the bag in your activity kit and visit one or all of the zoo webcams listed.  Working in pairs, use the observation cards in the bag to practice your powers of perception.  You’ll see different things depending on the time of day you visit, so check the webcams as often as you like.

When doing your observations, pay attention not only to what the animals are doing but also to the setting they are in.  Do you see anything surprising?  Or anything that makes you curious to learn more?  Behaviors and settings are both great sources of information for designers.

Now turn your powers of observation to your own project.  Take some pictures (or ask your teacher to take some pictures) of the problem you’re working on and study them closely.  What do you notice that might be important for your project?  Does observing help you see things you don’t learn from talking to people?

Upload your observations from the zoo webcams as well as your pictures and observations for your DT Philly project to earn the Mayden Badge.  Then hover over the badge on your team page to learn how a former Nike sneaker designer is helping kids find their inner superheroes.