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Stage:Ideate Stage
Assignment: Imagine That

 It’s time to rev up your creativity and have some fun as you get ready for brainstorming!  Designers practice creativity the same way athletes practice their sports, so we’re giving you an exercise to warm up your imaginations.  Make sure each team member has a pencil and one of the sheets of paper from the activity bag in your kit.  Spend 15 minutes (or another amount of time your teacher sets) turning the shapes on the page into something new.  There are no limits on what you might envision or do, just have fun with it.  When time is up, compare your drawings or creations to see what everyone did.  All of the creativity you and your teammates have—the different ways you each see possibilities—will come in handy when you’re brainstorming for your DT Philly project.  Upload and share your work (label or explain drawings, if needed) to earn your Ideater Card.