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Stage:Ideate Stage
Assignment: Discovery Chart

It's time to organize and share everything you learned from your research.  Use the Post-it Notes and the easel pad that came with your activity kit to create one big chart that holds all of your important research findings (see section 4.1 of your playbook for help).  Discuss everything you learned with your teammates, then go back to the three goals you identified for your project in the Empathize Stage.  (Remember, your goals should not say what methods you will use to solve your problem, but they should identify what would be better if you solved the problem.  Do your goals need to be updated based on anything you learned from your research?  Update your goals as needed and upload clear pictures of your chart to complete this activity.  If it helps make your discovery chart more readable, take and submit photos of each section of the chart.  See Section 4.1 of your playbook, "Building Your Knowledge Bank," for more information.