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Stage:Ideate Stage
Assignment: Hat Trick

Do you know what a hat trick is?  It’s when a soccer or hockey player scores three goals in one game.  That’s an impressive accomplishment!  Today we’re challenging you to jump into the game and score a hat trick—a design hat trick—by solving one problem with three different types of design.  

Let’s warm up with a problem many people experience:  forgetting your homework!  Use the cards in your activity kit to solve this problem three different ways.  Then see if you can repeat this fantastic feat and score a hat trick for your DT Philly project.  Use the extra set of cards to imagine how you could solve your problem with three different types of design.  

Upload your cards for the homework forgetters and for your DT Philly project to earn the McVicker Badge, and hover over the badge on your team page to learn how a household cleaning product became a toy beloved by kids around the world.

P.S.  If you don’t remember the four types of design you learned about in the Wonderful World of Design video at the beginning of DT Philly, it might help to watch that video again before starting this activity.