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Stage:Prototype Stage
Assignment: A Bang-Up Job

Sometimes it’s hard to think about familiar things in new ways.  Fortunately, designers have lots of ways to kick-start their creative thinking.  Let’s try one!  Use the prompts on the following pages to consider an object you use almost every day but probably don’t give much thought to:  a sock.  What is the job of a sock?  How well does it do its job?  What might make a sock more useful or more satisfying to you? Divide your team into two groups, split up the prompt cards, and have fun coming up with ways to meet each challenge.  Then trade cards to see and add to each other’s ideas. 

Looking at your designs from the point of view of what you want or need them to do can help you see ways to make them better.  After completing the sock cards, try this activity with your own designs and see how you can make sure your prototypes do a bang-up job.  Upload all of your cards to earn your Medal Project Badge.  Then hover over the badge on your team page to learn about the creative way Tokyo is making the medals athletes will win in the upcoming Olympic Games.