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Stage:Test Stage
Assignment: Crystal Ball

Here’s a superpower many designers and inventors would like to have:  the ability to see into the future.  Have you heard of Gerber, the company that makes baby food?  In the 1970s, they decided to try something new, but it did not go exactly as planned.  In fact, the product they came up with has been called one of the worst food ideas of all time!  Look at the story card on the following page and see if you can spot any problems that might have led to the downfall of Singles by Gerber.  

Now it’s time to look into your crystal ball and see the future of your design(s).  The time is one year from now, and your design(s) have gone belly up.  What went wrong?  Think hard about any problems that could affect the success of your design(s).  What can you do today to prevent these future problems from happening?  

Upload your evaluation of Gerber’s failed invention as well as your crystal-ball evaluations of your own design(s) to earn the L.L.Bean Badge.  Then hover over the badge on your team page to learn about the best job at L.L.Bean and how it helps the company make sure its products are top notch.