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Stage:DT Philly Challenge Prep
Assignment: Special Invitation

It’s time to share your story and practice for the DT Philly Showcase by extending an invitation to your principal to come and learn about your project.  This is a special occasion so let's make things formal.  Fill out the invitation card in your activity kit and deliver it to your principal ASAP so you can get on his or her calendar before it’s time to go to the Showcase.  

Be prepared to show the principal your digital story, your prototypes, and maybe even your tri-fold board.  It’s o.k. if you’re still finalizing them...this is a great time to get feedback on the best way to explain your project.  

The people you will meet at the Showcase are going to ask you questions about your project, so encourage your principal to ask lots of questions to help you get ready.  Upload pictures and text or video and audio documenting your dress rehearsal with your principal to earn your Presenter Card.