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Stage:DT Philly Challenge Prep
Assignment: High 5 a Design Team

The DT Philly Showcase is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to meet your fellow design teams.  Take a short break from all your hard work to check out a project by a fellow design team (try to pick a team that is not from your school; you can also do more than one team, if you like).  Then find the materials in your activity kit and use them to create a trophy for that team.  Your trophy should honor something you find creative, special, or admirable about the team’s work.  Be sure to clearly identify the team and project on your trophy, or in a description when you upload your work, so we can share it with the appropriate team.  Upload your trophy to earn the Google Doodle badge, and hover over the badge on your team page to see how Google tells short stories in fun ways every day.